Diabetes Mellitus Type 1/2

There are many types of diabetes but the main two are :

Diabetes Mellitus type 1

Diabetes Mellitus type 2

DM 1 : This results from a deficiency of production of insulin from damage to the beta islet cells of the pancreas. This disease will require life long insulin. Insulin must be given by injection because swallowing it will cause it to be digested by the stomach. This disease has genetic hereditary factors. The main treatment solutions are taking proper amounts insulin daily, constant low carbohydrate diet,  exercise, and rigorous health management.

Poorly controlled DM can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a dangerous condition leading to high blood sugars, weakness, dehydration, and acidic blood ph. Hospitalization could be necessary from DKA. Long term complications of poorly controlled diabetes affect every body system : the eyes, kidneys, skin, and immune system. 

Insulin acts as a key to allow sugar (glucose) into the body cells of the brain, muscle, and tissue. If the glucose is outside the cell, it gets urinated out of the body, resulting in excessive urination, fatigue and dehydration. 

DM 2: This is due to insulin resistance primarily from overweight. Oral medications and sometimes insulin are required to treat this condition. This disease is highly controllable with diet and exercise. An individual can potentially manage his or her disease without medications, if proper exercise and diet are implemented. 

Both conditions require management by the patient, his or her primary doctor, and his or her Endocrinologist. Good control leads to healthy living and fewer complications. It is well worth the effort. We are here to help. It’s never too late to get healthier !