Healthy coping strategies

Stay healthy!

Now more than ever, modern life has become stressful and full of tensions. Choosing healthy coping strategies can help with significantly reducing stress. Excessive stress causes cortisol release in the body, negatively affecting every organ.

Exercise: at least 30 min/week. This helps with oxygenation, the release of naturally occurring endorphins(fell good hormones)  from your body, and improving cardiovascular fitness. You’ll have less fatigue and more energy ! Start with walking… then build up to more vigorous exercise as you challenge yourself.

Pets: petting your cat or dog relaxes one’s mood, and can have a calming effect on mind and body. Even owning a fish can be a pleasant hobby. This aids in practicing relaxation and living in the present moment.

Music: get some ear buds and put on your favorite tune. The right music can help you change your mood.

Meditation: try Headspace, a free app to help with meditation. Being able to clear the mind of constant thoughts and anxiety is important to gain mental relaxation. Being mindful takes practice.

Cooking: Make a new vegetable dish tonight ! See Dr. Yum for recipes, or google search recipes for your favorite vegetable .

Social connection: Utilize cell phones, face time, Skype, Zoom, or other modalities to stay safely connect with friends and loved ones. We want physical distance during these pandemic times, not social isolation.

Bathtime: relax with some epsom salts in the bath water. Try essential oils in the tub, just a few drops makes the bathwater smell fragrant.